The Pamplin One-Name Study

Discovering the origin of the name and recording all records of Pamplins in the UK,
and eventually all over the world.

Evan Turner Pamplin Family Group Photograph

A family group photograph of my great, great grandfather Evan Turner Pamplin.

Back row (from left to right):
Percy David John Pamplin, William Ewart Pamplin, Emily Elizabeth Susan Pamplin, unidentified person, Arthur Oliver Pamplin.

Middle Row (from left to right):
Evan Turner Parker Pamplin, Emily Milly Pamplin (nee Parker), Sylvia Patricia Pamplin, Evan Turner Pamplin, Herbert Banks Pamplin.

Front Row (From left to right):
Winifred Alice Mary Pamplin, Douglas Lloyd George Pamplin, Nellie Dorothy Pamplin.


About the study

My One Name study began, like many, more by accident than design, believing the name of Pamplin to be extremly rare, I noted all references I found. Pamplin is my maiden name and encouraged by my late Father and Husband I joined the Guild many years ago. Are we, all Pamplin's related?

Name origin

A number of origins for the name have been found/given. The most common is Locative. Surname DB state 'This interesting and unusual surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is locational from a now 'lost' place thought to have been in Essex.' Micheal Ian Coyne's book on The History of The Pamphilion Family of Essex England, believes that in the early thirteenth century merchants of Pamplona (Pamphyloun to the French Speaking in Navarre) were given a licence to trade with England. One or more settled here and the 'of' was lost. His book concentrates on those from Essex, within a hundred years the name became Pamphilon. Does Pamplin link to this? I hope to find out.

Name frequency

Using data from the U.K. census the approximate numbers are:
1841 265 people in England and Wales
1851 271 people in England and Wales
1861 279 people in England and Wales
1871 313 people in England and Wales
1881 356 people in England and Wales
1891 455 people in England and Wales
1901 506 people in England and Wales
1911 485 people in England and Wales

Distribution of the name

Population Distribution Maps for the England & Wales Census 1841 - 1911 are available to view in the Albums section of the site.

Certainly the largest concentration of Pamplin's can be found in Essex by using the census data. An Essex Pamplin moved to Northumberland and then on to Lancashire and Yorkshire linking these people. A second group again linking back to Essex involves Kent, Middlesex, Sussex and Cornwall. Merionth (in Wales) links to Middlesex. Those living in Berkshire are linked to Hampshire. Finally there is a group in Cambridgeshire. I am aware also of groups of Pamplin's to be found in: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States of America.


I started this project years ago when pen (pencil at local records offices) and paper was normal. Most of my data is stored in family groups in this form, but I have now joined the twentyfirst century and slowly starting to transfer my data onto the computer, with the aid of my husband. So far on our desktop computer I have: GRO Birth index 1837 - 1963 GRO Marriage index 1837 - 1951 GRO Death index 1837 - 1950.

These and all my other (paper) data will be slowly added to this site by my husband.

Do contact me if you cannot find the reference to the Pamplin you are researching as the data may not yet have been added to this site.

Susan Murphy nee Pamplin

Pamplins in 1881

The Distribution of the Pamplin surname as recorded in the 1881 English Census. Click on the map to see a larger version.

More Distribution maps of the Pamplin surname in the English census between 1841 and 1911 can be found by clicking on the media tab and then "English Distribution Maps".

A chart showing the occupation of Pamplins in 1881 can be accessed by clicking on the group photograph of Evan Turner Pamplin shown on the left of the page.